Разместить свой проект

For HYIPs projects we offer:

  • we do not charge a fee for monitoring services.

  • daily reports on payments on popular HYIPs forums;

  • Before adding HYIPs or banner read the terms and conditions:

  • We do not provide services to those HYIPs that offer investors more than 100% of the net daily profit;

  • Ratings and status HYIP based on publicly available information.

  • one free unlimited available for Premium banner (728x90 banner rotation) for Normal (468x60 banner rotation), both available for Exclusive banner;

  • the detection of fraud or selective payments, we have the right to move to blacklist HYIP (SCAM) and / or remove the advertisement without any refunds;

  • we have the right to refuse your request to add the listing without explanation. In this case money will be refunded.

  • Order monitoring (reports on payments included in the price):

    Добавить HYIP Еще Listing Price *
    Ексклюзив 20 форумов, 728x90 + 468x60 $165
    Премиум 20 форумов + 728x90 баннер $65
    Оптимально 12 форумов + 468x60 баннер $30

    * 100% будет инвестированно в программу.

    For banners we have a 2 types:
    Доавить баннер (Сюда) Location Цена
    Top 728x90, rotation вверх на всех страницах $15/неделя
    Inside 468x60, rotation top and between HYIPs in list $10/неделя